No Mercy Mistress


While all activities I like to take part in are listed on my activities page, I feel that making my favourite interests known will be helpful in finding appropriate slaves.


NB: Please do remember that every slave is gauged as an individual, and just because I offer these services, it does not mean you will be asked to take part in any activity that has not been previously discussed


Limits will always be respected.




My favourite range of play involves breath play and control. This can be bagging, Nitrous/Gas and Amyl, Gas Masks, Choking or simply putting my hand over your mouth. All of this gets me excited more than anything else. I enjoy combining breath play with other aspects of kink particularly.




My girlfriend and I enjoy the power of pleasuring each other whilst teasing a submissive. We often blindfold our slave, leaving them only able to hear our love making, feeling frustrated and wanting. This scene can work particularly well with those who are kept in chastity, or those who wish to be reminded of womens' natural sexual prowess.




I do enjoy sharing my champagne with a slave who has earnt it. This is a privilege, and does have to be earnt with your obedience. When you receive this either on your body or in your mouth, I do expect it to be completely appreciated and to be thanked throughout.




Using Amyl Nitrate and Nitrous Oxide to partially sedate my slave helps me get the best performance from them. I do like to see a slave drift in and out of consciousness. Most slaves enjoy this feeling, but this is merely consequential and is done for my pleasure.




All activities interest me when in the context of a roleplay. The more taboo the role play, the more it excites me. This can be anything from incest to pimping to consensual non-consent. Again, these are all subject to thorough discussion, and nothing will occur in our session that has not been previously discussed.