No Mercy Mistress


I enjoy a number of BDSM and fetish inspired activities. Some of

these are listed below. The list is not definitive, and I am very open

to applicants respectfully proposing other scenarios. I won't

always indulge you, but nothing you can say will shock me.


While I will push my subs and blur the boundary of pain and

pleasure I will always respect limits. While I haven't yet had a

submissive use one, I will also respond to a safe word.


A strong emphasis on pre-planning and communication is

impertive for a smooth and intense session, and while I enjoy the

below listed activities, I will not push you into any play that we

have not previously discussed.


Anal Play - I enjoy using my gloved hands, dildos or strap-ons on

my submissive


Blackmail/Bribery - I can use delicate information or

incriminating pictures to threaten you until I get the

performance I deserve


Blindfolds - Either on their own or as part of sensory depravation,

I am most fond of blindfolding my slave so that they have no hint of

what I might be planning


Bondage - I take great pleasure in removing mobility from my

slaves, leaving them unable to physically resist me


Breath Play - I am particularly entertained by all aspects of breath play, including bagging, gas masks, strangulation or gas intoxication


CBT (at discretion) - I have access to a wide array of CBT equipment and can gauge your pain threshold and experience level appropriately


Clingfilm - Absolute immobilisation is possible with nothing more than just a roll of clingfilm, and when bound you are powerless and unable to resist any punishment I give you


Consensual Non-consent - As part of roleplay, I will partake in kidnap and non-consent fantasies with my slave


Cuckholding - My friends and I are very excited by making love in front of an immobilised slave, knowing they can do nothing about it


Double Domme - I work well with select dominas in the scene who can join me to amplify your experience, and my friends will often join in, working well within a cuckholding fantasy


Drowning Fantasy (waterboarding) - I am always safe during breath play, and I very much enjoy holding my slaves head underwater until I know you can't take a second longer


Edgeplay - For the more extreme submissives, I will happily explore even the most extreme scenarios that others would hesitate to even talk about


Electro-Stimulation - I am very experienced with E-Stim equipment and am happy to apply electricity to any slave who is willing to try


Enforced Chastity - Either through threats and psychology, or by physically locking you in a device designed to make it impossible for you to sustain an erection, controlling the way you are to interact with yourself is something that I take great pleasure in executing


Fetish Wear - I have a great love of fetish clothing, and welcome tributes of such items


Fisting - I am extremely experienced with anal play, and will persevere with any dedicated slave. Gloves are always used, and plenty of lubricant, so while I appreciate and enjoy your reluctance, I will not cause you any damage during your training to accommodate my petite fist


Foot Worshipping (at discretion) - I have pedicured nails and slender feet and can walk all over your body, rubbing my feet into your face. Massages are always welcome


Forced Exercise - I will not allow laziness under my servitude, and should you request it, I can arrange an unrelenting and successful training course to get you into the shape I deserve to have you in


Forced Intoxication - With access to a number of intoxicants, including strong Amyl Nitrate and Nitrous Oxide, I can force you into a sedated state under which you will be even more deeply under my control


Humiliation - I can make you feel worthless and degraded in whatever way I see fit. My empathy and understanding of psychology means I can very quickly work out what makes you tick


Impact Play - Using whips, canes, paddles and other tools of punishment, I very much enjoy causing pain to my sub if I believe it is appropriate


Interrogation - Punishments, bribery and torture are all techniques that I will administer to get the information that I require from you


Medical Play - In the role of doctor or nurse or even something more sinister, my detailed knowledge of the human body can be useful when giving my slave a thorough examination


Needle Play - Using my extensive medical knowledge, I can always safely puncture the skin of my submissive without any permanent damage (with prior communication and consent)


Orgasm Control - When under my control, I will decide when and where you orgasm if I allow you to at all. With prior arrangement, your orgasm could be entirely and repeatedly ruined


Pet Play - I am always keen to train and discipline any puppies, kittens or ponies that may apply to serve me


Phone Chat - Upon prior arrangement, I can be available via phone to train you remotely from wherever in the world you may be. Whether it be to discuss fantasies of servitude or undergo physical tasks, I will expect you to follow a strict training regime during your servitude


Post-Orgasm Torture - Whether you are forced to orgasm or do so of your own volition, continued stimulation can be an extreme torture, severely blurring the lines between what you can cope with and what you cannot


Role Play - At my discretion I will take part in a number of roleplay fantasies. I enjoy exploring a diverse range of scenarios including the more unusual roleplays


Sadism - I can take great pleasure in causing and watching my slave in pain, in whatever capacity I see fit


Sensory Depravation - If you can't see or hear, it's said that all the other senses work overtime to compensate. Every light touch, or harsh impact is amplified when I decide what senses you can or can't experience


Sexual Conditioning - A form of psychosexual torture, I can condition you to find anything from the mundane to the outrageous sexually arousing. I have an intense grasp on human psychology and find it extremely pleasing to work a slave towards a sexual arousal that they never thought possible


Solitary Confinement - Slaves who wish to be confined in a cage or other small space for extended periods of time can be accommodated. I would take great pleasure in locking you up and paying you no attention whatsoever for the duration of your incarceration


Spanking - In the right circumstances, I can be fairly unrelenting when it comes to disciplining my slaves


Spitting - I can show you how worthless you are by sharing my saliva with you, either on your face or in your mouth


Temperature Play - This could include hot and cold liquids, ice, wax, fire and more


Tights and panties - I can tease you with my tights and panties, letting you touch my legs in them and even making you smell some pre-worn panties


Water Sports (at discretion) - I am more than happy to humiliate and degrade my submissive by sharing my Champagne onto their bodies, into a glass, or directly into their mouth. I am pleased when slaves don't waste any of my precious nectar


Once more, it is important to note that while you worship me all hard limits will be respected and no avenues explored without prior and thorough communication and consent.